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March 28, 2020


Ten Super Facts About Coffee

First thing in the morning, most Americans grab the first cup of coffee, drink it up, and then have another. Some folks drink coffee all through the day, oblivious to the effects of all the caffeine. Throughout the world, coffee is the morning beverage enjoyed by many, replacing tea as the number one beverage.

Here are ten super facts you should know about coffee.

  1. Coffee was first discovered on the continent of Africa. Wild coffee berries were found in Ethiopia and later planted in the Middle East, to be enjoyed by Muslims. These wild coffee berries are also known as Traditional coffee beans as they were first introduced by the continent of Africa and was later on accepted globally. 

  1. The recent top coffee producing countries of the world are Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, and Ethiopia. Brazil produces twice as much coffee as Vietnam. Vietnam is a large producer of robusta beans. Robusta beans produce a less than ideal taste but are now used in most American manufactured coffees because it is inexpensive.
  1. Coffee beans are the second most traded product in the world, lagging just behind petroleum. Coffee prices often fluctuate depending on crop output and commodity prices in international markets.
  1. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits for the heart, mind, liver, and other life-sustaining organs. Coffee is also been known to relieve headaches when mixed with pain medications like ibuprofen.
  1. Coffee’s popularity rose in America mostly because of the British. During America’s revolution, tea became scarce in the New World, and coffee consumption increased.
  1. Starbucks started roasting and selling burnt and overpriced coffee drinks in 1971 and is now a world leader in specialty coffee drinks.
  1. September 29 is National Coffee Day in the United States but is not celebrated with parades of giant Arabica beans, giant balloons of coffee cups, or marching bands singing the praise of this fine morning beverage.
  1. Unless decaffeinated, coffee contains the stimulant caffeine. The average cup of coffee has 130 milligrams of caffeine. Tea has variable amounts of caffeine, but usually has half the caffeine of coffee.

Coca-cola has 35 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounces serving, while a chocolate bar has about 12 to 15 mg.

  1. Ironically, a high executive of the popular beverage chain, Starbucks, is also the chairman of the National Coffee Association. No small wonder there is a Starbucks store on every corner block of every American city.

  1. A P; was the originator of Eight O’Clock Coffee, a favorite coffee of most Americans. Many say Eight O’Clock coffee has a great taste rivaling Dunkin Donuts and Folgers for best-tasting coffee.

Time for a cup of coffee? Head over to any local coffee shop, diner, or gas station to get your favorite coffee beverage. Better yet, brew a couple of cups at home, open up the newspaper, and finish that crossword puzzle you didn’t finish from Sunday morning.