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October 22, 2020


How To Change Eye Colour Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is going to explain to you, how to change your or someone else’s eye color. The first step is to find a suitable image that you can use. Preferably one where you have a high-quality file and you can see the eyes clearly, this makes the effect work so much better.

You can copy what I do on this tutorial alongside me and see how you get along.

So Open up Adobe Photoshop Mac . . .

Zoom up close onto the eye that you are going to start editing, It doesn’t matter if it looks pixelated like in the image below because you’re zoomed in like 300 – 400% or even more if it’s easier.

The next step is to select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. There are other ways of doing it, but I personally find this tool gives you the most control over what it is your trying to select.

Now take your time and select the colored bit of the eye, now with the polygonal lasso tool the best way to achieve this is to do lots of clicks as you go around the eye or you will end up with a selection like the shape of a 50p!

Once you have selected the bit of the eye like the image above, you need to deselect the pupil (the black bit in the middle of the eye). So with the polygonal lasso tool still selected, up the top, you need to click on Subtract from Selection like in the image below.

And again the same principle applies with the polygonal lasso tool, with lots of small clicks all around the pupil.

Now you should be left with the selection of the colored bit of the eye, like in the image above. The next step is the main part of this tutorial and that is to change the color of the eye. For this, we need to go to

Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation or (Ctrl+U) for short.

Now we need to make sure that we have the Colourize check box selected. And move the sliders around until you have the desired color of the eye would like to achieve. Make a note of the numbers in the box’s as you will want to have the exact same numbers when you come to change the color of the other eye, you won’t want two different color eyes! lol

Once this is done click on OK, and then make sure you remove the selection you already have. Hopefully, if you have been with me up to this point, you should see something like the image below. Looking good so far, hey? Looks realistic don’t you think?

So now you need to zoom out and repeat the above steps for the other eye.

Once you have done this you should have the final image like below. Please let me know how you found this tutorial, and consider sharing this with others or maybe a donation to keep me going